Is Your Diet Normal? Food Allergy 101

Before you say, “Heck, yes!”, let’s take a moment to reflect on the concept of “normal”. Food allergy is rising! The stats tell the story. And our food has changed so much that most of the current generation doesn’t even realize how recent our current way of eating is.

This is a must-watch video. This is your foundational food allergy 101 giving you both a basic overview of the food allergy phenomenon and an overview of the surprising changes human diets within the past century. Have a look. And please share!


  1. I recently had the opportunity to host a few visiting Mandela Fellow scholars from Africa. None of my three visitors knew of anyone with food allergies in Africa. They understood the disease and their food was very fresh and simple. Processed foods were new to most of them. They asked if this is the reason for food allergies in the US!

    • How interesting! It probably IS the reason – at least in some roundabout way that we haven’t exactly pinpointed yet. Your visitors make me think of my own childhood when I didn’t know anyone with a food allergy.

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