Welcome to AllergyBytes

Have you ever wished you could improve your child’s health? As parents of allergic children, we are often made to feel helpless. After one of my children was diagnosed with multiple food allergies, I was led to believe that all I could do was avoid certain foods, carry medication at all times, and that nothing else I did would make any difference.

Yet if you throw lighted matches into two forests – one dry, the other one well-watered – which one will burn more intensely? Clearly, the dry forest. I believe the same concept applies to our children’s health. AllergyBytes is all about creating a well-watered (i.e. well nourished) environment for children, so that the severity of an allergic reaction may be reduced.

No one knows for sure what is causing the steep increase in food allergies. The latest figures show that approximately 8 percent of American children have some type of food allergy. As parents of allergic children, we are often so grateful that there is food our children can eat, that we don’t question it any further. We want our children to eat like the other children, so that their self-esteem doesn’t suffer. Yet does this truly serve them?

With skyrocketing rates of children’s illnesses including obesity, type 2 diabetes, asthma, allergies, certain cancers, and behavioral problems among other conditions, one has to wonder whether having our children eat the standard diet with a few food substitutions is really a good solution. While this may not be the best path to take – it is the one I see most often followed. AllergyBytes was created to share alternative and concrete strategies for improving our children’s health.