2 Cases of Treating Allergy using Naturopathy

  Can allergies be reversed using naturopathy? Learn how a young child and a teenager were both effectively treated for food intolerances and allergies. You’ll also hear about a recent clinical trial for treatment of children with peanut allergy that had an 80% success rate. Lydia Cotter, a naturopath, functional medicine practitioner and founder of […]

What Causes Food Allergies?

A generation ago, food allergies were almost unheard of. Nowadays, almost everyone knows someone with a food allergy. Why? Have you ever wondered what might be the cause behind this recent and growing epidemic? In this video you’ll learn about the main reasons scientists suspect are behind the food allergy phenomenon.

Is Your Diet Normal? Food Allergy 101

Before you say, “Heck, yes!”, let’s take a moment to reflect on the concept of “normal”. Food allergy is rising! The stats tell the story. And our food has changed so much that most of the current generation doesn’t even realize how recent our current way of eating is. This is a must-watch video. This […]

Celebrate Food Allergy Week 2015 with 10 Free Videos

  A year has passed and here we are at Food Allergy Awareness Week 2015!   As a community, we’ve made tremendous strides – improved laws, held events, raised awareness and yet — when I see surveys showing that allergy awareness is still low and that most people would not know what to do if […]

Who knew? GMO Pesticide used on conventional produce

The other week I watched a health documentary series and one of the interviews was with Jeffrey Smith, Executive Director of the Institute for Responsible Technology. He was asked about the dangers of genetically modified foods and glyphosate in particular.   I only half listened as he explained there are two main types of GMO crops – one kind […]

How will you show your love on Valentine’s Day?

  Valentine’s Day is upon us. Love, flowers, chocolate but sadly, also another excuse to flood children with candy. It’s a beautiful holiday, one associated with the most precious thing of all – love. But does love necessarily involve sugar? Knowing all the harm that sugar does to the immune system, and how it helps […]

Another probiotic success – what does it mean for you?

Image: Wikipedia commons Flashback One: 2013 – we learned that the probiotic mix in VSL#3 was able to reduce inflammation and associated anaphylaxis in peanut allergic mice.1   Flashback Two: 2014 – A groundbreaking study showed that a mix of over 30 types of clostridia bacteria was able to protect against the development of food […]

Are You Ready For The Holidays?

  Are you ready for the holidays?  I thought I was. Several days of planned menus, nut-free chocolate bars carefully stashed, holiday tips stored mentally in brain and presents purchased. Check. But there was one key thing I had overlooked.   The Clues The first clue came with a trail of candy wrappers discovered near my […]

Delish Halloween Dip

  When Fork and Beans blogged about this amazing Bride of Frankenstein Dip, I had to try it. But I have children who don’t like, “spicy”, so the jalapeno had to be deleted from the original recipe. I also went way lighter on the onion and garlic (keeping some aside for a “grown up” version). […]

What happened at Fablogcon 2014?

Like last year’s inaugural event, the 2014 Food Allergy Bloggers Conference was a resounding success as participants were educated, entertained, and well fed. So what was different about this year? Heroes. That’s what. Lots and lots of food allergy heroes. Some people might dream of meeting Johnny Depp or Lady Gaga. I dreamt of meeting […]