2 Cases of Treating Allergy using Naturopathy


Can allergies be reversed using naturopathy? Learn how a young child and a teenager were both effectively treated for food intolerances and allergies. You’ll also hear about a recent clinical trial for treatment of children with peanut allergy that had an 80% success rate.

Lydia Cotter, a naturopath, functional medicine practitioner and founder of Your Health Revolution Wellness Clinic speaks with Brynn Hadler.

Lydia describes the symptoms and history of each case, one of which involved food intolerances and the other involving a combination of food intolerances and egg allergy documented via RAST testing.


Her approach included reducing inflammation in the body and improving gastrointestinal function through dietary changes and a mix of therapeutic supplementation including among other items glutamine, zinc, and high-dose probiotics, in this case lactobacillus rhamnosus. After several months of treatment her patients were symptom-free, having developed a level of tolerance for the food items that had initially caused them problems.


You’ll also learn about an exciting new study that offers hope to those with peanut allergy.


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